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Eden’s Children – Sure Looks Real (1968, US)

Eden’s Children – Sure Looks Real, 1968 Original US Pressing. With printed ABC Records Sleeve. Cover shows wear, punch hole in bottom right. 

Vinyl – VG+

Cover – VG



Experience the Psychedelic Reverie of Eden’s Children – “Sure Looks Real” (1968, US)

Prepare to embark on a mind-bending journey through the kaleidoscopic landscape of the late 1960s with the legendary vinyl record, Eden’s Children’s “Sure Looks Real.” Originally released in 1968, this US gem has been resurrected to bring you an authentic taste of the era’s psychedelic and rock-infused spirit.

Dive into the Psychedelic Revolution: Eden’s Children’s “Sure Looks Real” encapsulates the zeitgeist of the late ’60s like no other. This album is a portal to a time of cultural upheaval and artistic exploration, where music was the vehicle for self-discovery and social commentary.

Unearth the Authentic Sound: Pressed with meticulous attention to detail, this vinyl reissue guarantees an authentic, warm, and organic listening experience. The analog warmth of the original recording captures the essence of a time when music was an escape and an adventure.

Trippy Musicianship: Eden’s Children, with their swirling melodies and thought-provoking lyrics, invite you to explore the inner recesses of your consciousness. The band’s musicianship is a testament to their experimental spirit, featuring entrancing guitar riffs, hypnotic drum rhythms, and soul-searching vocals that will transport you to a different dimension.

Mind-Expanding Tracks: From the hypnotic opener “Goodbye Girl” to the mind-bending “Sun Shines,” and the ethereal “Gotta Get Home,” “Sure Looks Real” offers a diverse soundscape that reflects the tumultuous era it emerged from. Each track is a vibrant tapestry of sonic innovation, inviting you to lose yourself in the music’s intricate layers.

Collector’s Delight: This vinyl reissue is a collector’s dream. Housed in a high-quality jacket adorned with original artwork, it’s a tactile and visual delight that pays homage to the album’s historical significance in the psychedelic pantheon.

Perfect Nostalgic Gift: For aficionados of vintage psychedelia or anyone looking to rediscover the spirit of the ’60s, “Sure Looks Real” is an ideal gift choice. Its evocative melodies and countercultural message make it a timeless classic.

Let Eden’s Children’s “Sure Looks Real” (1968, US) take you on a sonic adventure through a time when music was a transformative experience. Order your copy today and let the evocative tunes of this psychedelic masterpiece transport you back to an era of cultural revolution and artistic exploration.


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